While the “N” in the Isuzu 2022i N-Series Diesel Trucks does not stand for “New,” it might as well. Isuzu has added so many new features to the 2022i N-Series Diesel that one could be excused for thinking that it’s an entirely new model line.

These new standard features include electronic vehicle stability control (EVSC) paired with anti-slip regulation (ASR), 4-wheel disc brakes, and refreshed exterior and interior design – making the 2022i N-Series Diesel more stylish on the outside while providing more comfort, safety and functionality for the driver and crew.

The 2022i N-Series Diesel also offers an optional advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that includes automatic emergency braking and a lane-departure warning system. The Mobileye suite of collision and lane-departure warning systems is still be available as an option too

The standard EVSC on the 2022i N-Series Diesel monitors the truck’s steering wheel angle, individual wheel rotation speed, lateral G forces and more. When the system senses that the vehicle is at risk of losing stability, it alerts the driver via an on-dash warning light while automatically reducing engine output and applying any necessary braking pressure to help the truck maintain stability.

The EVSC works in tandem with the anti-slip regulation, an advanced traction-control system intended to provide grip while the truck is on loose or wet surfaces. The EVSC and ASR on the Isuzu 2022i N-Series Diesel Trucks can be deactivated manually by the driver through switches on the instrument panel.

The optional ADAS package uses a new dual-camera sensing system mounted atop the N-Series dashboard.

Rear disc brakes have been added to the already-standard front disc brakes on the 2022i NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR diesel models. The discs are part of a new Vacuum + Power Assist brake system with anti-locking braking. At the limit point of normal vacuum assist, a hydraulic unit provides additional line pressure. Vacuum assist is a new standard feature for both its NQR and NRR models.

Fuel tank improvements in the 2022i N-Series Diesel Truck include a standard 30-gallon fuel tank constructed of stainless steel rather than conventional steel to improve corrosion resistance. The tank now is flush mounted to the top of the frame and features top-mounted, three-eighths-inch fuel return and fuel supply ports to help eliminate cutting and drilling during auxiliary fuel port applications. Two aluminum side-mounted fuel tanks also can be installed as factory-installed options.

The Isuzu 2022i N-Series Diesel retains all the things that made the prior years’ models so popular while raising the bar to even new heights. Liberty Isuzu offers the entire line of 2022i N-Series Diesel Trucks and upfitting accessories. As New England’s foremost experts on Isuzu Trucks and service, Liberty Isuzu can help you find and design the perfect 2022i N-Series Diesel model to suit both your job and your crew.