Whether your business owns a single Isuzu Truck or an entire fleet, commercial vehicle upfitting of your Isuzu truck can customize your model to address the specific needs of your jobs. As a result, drivers in the market for truck upfits can encounter a bewildering array of options. After all, there’s an Isuzu Truck upfit for just about every need and purpose. Fortunately, the team at Liberty Isuzu are experts at commercial truck upfitting and can help you customize any Isuzu Commercial Truck to meet your specific needs.

What is a Truck Upfit?

A commercial truck upfit involves outfitting your work trucks with parts and accessories that are specific to your business’s needs. There are a variety of Isuzu Truck upfitting options when it comes to storage, appearance, safety, and more. For example, a truck can be upfitted to suit the needs of a plumber in Boston, an electrician in Wakefield and a landscaper in Needham, so everyone has the right tools for their specific jobs.

Commercial Vehicle Upfitting Options

If you need a commercial upfit on your truck for extra storage or specialized functionality, there are a lot of choices. Our Isuzu Commercial Truck Team can introduce you to all of your vehicle upfitting options and help you make the right selection for your needs.

Obviously, capabilities can vary depending on your job specifications. For example, not all dump bodies offer equal capacities, just as different flatbeds offer varying dimensions and payload limits. Of course, before you can dig into the details, you’ll need to understand which truck upfitting options are best for the types of work you do. Some of the most popular Isuzu Commercial Truck upfitting options include:

Dump Bodies

Dump bodies feature open-box beds designed to accommodate large amounts of material such as gravel, asphalt, or debris. These bodies often are equipped with hydraulics to deposit the material on the ground. Dump bodies also may be equipped with snow plows and salters for snow and ice removal.

These commercial truck upfits are useful for any business that wants to unload their cargo without manual intervention. Dumping directly on the job site is cheaper, quicker, and more convenient than manually unloading cargo, especially when you’re dealing with the kinds of debris mentioned above.

Flatbed Bodies

Flatbed trucks, also referred to as platform trucks, feature an entirely flat-bed used to transport heavy goods that aren’t vulnerable to normal weather conditions, or that are simply too large to be transported via other means.

Flatbed trucks are especially useful if you want to load cargo from the top, side, or back of the vehicle. Since there’s no box to fit your cargo into, you’re free to travel with any equipment that your business needs to transport.

Stake Side Bodies

Stake side trucks are similar to flatbed/platform trucks, but they come with sockets at the edges of the bed that allow them to accommodate upright stakes to form a container or fence around the bed. This allows for adaptability from load to load, making them especially useful in agricultural and landscaping applications.

Stake side commercial truck upfits offer the advantages of flatbeds, with the added bonus that you can slide in the stakes whenever they’re required. This kind of flexibility makes stake slides especially popular with workers throughout New England.

Utility Bodies

Sometimes referred to as service bodies, mechanic’s trucks, and contractor bodies, utility bodies are designed to contain and organize all the tools, parts, and equipment needed for a given job. They are ideal for applications in which you need a large truck that can tow and transport with ease, but still offers a large amount space for tools and materials.

Isuzu Truck utility bodies are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the needs of various industries, and include configurations such as bucket trucks, tow trucks and even cranes.

Box Trucks

Sometimes called cube vans, these vehicles are fitted with a box-like cargo structure on the frame, adding tremendous storage capacity that’s ideal for transporting goods. Box trucks are useful for moving modular, movable and stackable cargo with regular dimensions. In other words, box truck upfits offer benefits that are more or less diametrically opposed to those offered by flatbeds.

Isuzu Box Truck upfits cover everything from dry boxes, refrigerators, freezers, and cab-over boxes to ensure that you’ll be able to handle any job with confidence. In addition, Isuzu Box Trucks provide more ease maneuvering around crowded Boston streets and often remove the need for a towing trailer.

Racks and Bins

Many Isuzu Commercial Trucks can be upfitted with racks and bins that permit better organization of your tools and equipment. At Liberty Isuzu, we work hard to make sure your Isuzu Trucks are upfitted to handle any jobs on your agenda.

Liberty Isuzu is Here to Help

Have a question about truck upfitting? The Commercial Truck Team at Liberty Isuzu in Wakefield is here to help. Just stop in or give us a call at (888) 387-6422. We’ll be happy to help you determine the best upfitting options for every Isuzu Commercial Truck.