Long drives and extreme temperatures can impact the performance of any truck. Filthy filters, uneven tire wear, and contaminated engine oil also can significantly decrease your truck’s efficiency. Whether you own one Isuzu truck or a fleet of them, keeping them in top condition needs a little of your care and maintenance. Aside from routinely cleaning your truck’s exterior and rotating / balancing the tires for even wear and tear, here are four easy yet essential maintenance tips to help keep your Isuzu truck operating at its best.

1. Clean Your Isuzu Truck Engine

If you love driving your Isuzu truck more often, odds are that you’ll have a lot more stuff to clean. Having a clean engine in your truck would let your truck enjoy a longer life, which is ultimately beneficial for your business in the long term.
Keep the engine of your truck as clean as possible to get the most out of it. In contrast to this, if you leave dirt on your engine and ignore cleaning it for a long time, it can decrease the performance of your vehicle and its road life too.

In the case of a diesel engine, make sure that the fuel you use is perfectly clean and no impurities are present. Building a habit of cleaning the engine can look like a tough thing at first, but it can pay dividends in the long run.

2. Routinely change the engine oil and filter

Oil and filter changes are crucial when it comes to truck maintenance. Dirt, dust, and debris from both the environment and engine can easily contaminate the truck’s engine oil, which will affect the performance of the engine. Hence, truck owners or users should clean and change the engine oil when needed as per the Isuzu truck’s manual’s instructions.

Just as your Isuzu truck requires clean oil to operate at its best, it also requires clean air. So users should change the oil filter regularly to eliminate dust and debris, which will clog the air filter and reduce the efficiency of the truck.

3. Keep an Eye on the Fluids

Keeping an eye on the fluids and timely refilling / changing them is the best thing that you can do to help give your Isuzu truck a longer life. Aside from the oil we mentioned above, other fluids to keep an eye on include:
    •    Engine coolant
    •    Brake fluid
    •    Power steering fluids
    •    Windshield washer

Engine coolant helps to keep the boiling and freezing point of engine fluids at a consistent level. Maintaining an optimal temperature of the engine is vital for better performance. It also helps to minimize future issues related to extreme temperatures.

Brake fluid, which is a hydraulic fluid, absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, which can impair its function over time. Hence, users should replace the brake fluid regularly.
Similar to brake fluid, the power steering fluid also is a hydraulic fluid. It helps control the movement of various parts of the vehicle’s steering system. Changing this fluid can help extend the life of other more-costly power-steering parts, such as racks and pumps.

Windshield washer fluid, which might sound insignificant, is an essential part of a truck’s maintenance. Smears, dust, and debris can quickly accumulate on the windshield, making it hard for drivers to see. A dirty windshield also is more prone to damage. So changing washer fluid routinely is a good practice that can protect both the windscreen and the driver.

4. Get Your Isuzu Truck Inspected

While truck inspection can sometimes be an inconvenience, it is a crucial component of proper maintenance. Having the Isuzu Truck experts at Liberty Isuzu examine your vehicle is vital to picking up any mechanical or safety problems that may not be fully evident.

Liberty Isuzu is Here to Help

Conducting regular maintenance on your Isuzu truck can prolong its life and make sure it runs at its optimum condition. Moreover, proper maintenance can quickly detect small issues during routine checks, which can prevent them from becoming a significant inconvenience down the line. The team at Liberty Isuzu are experts at servicing and maintaining Isuzu trucks. Please stop in or give us a call. We’ll have you and your Isuzu truck back on the road in no time.